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About Us

Prospective Agents

Welcome to Markel! Our goal for our agents is two-fold: to make it easy for you to do business with us, and to create a lasting, profitable relationship.

We accomplish the first goal by providing you with timely quotes and expert underwriting guidance. We listen to your ideas and welcome your feedback--both positive and negative--so we can continuously improve our relationships and our programs.

We accomplish the second by offering a wide range of specialty programs to meet your clients' unique needs. Specialty insurance, by its very nature, gives you many opportunities to market to new clients in your community and beyond. Every town has child care centers, sports leagues, small museums, and social service organizations--why not increase your profitability by gaining their business?

Interested in an appointment with Markel Specialty?

We partner with independent agencies with premium potential of $50,000 or more in our specialty niches.

Please view our appointment guidelines, and be prepared to provide the following information to begin the appointment process:

  • Agency information (name, FEIN, address, contacts)
  • Programs and types of business that your agency specializes in
  • Volume information by program and line of business
  • Office information (satellite and/or cluster)
  • Producers/CSR information (name and email)



Our Agency Services and Sales team will review your application for eligibility and contact you shortly.  Upon initial approval, additional instructions for completing the appointment process will be provided.  Please note: submissions will not be accepted until an agency contract is in place.

For questions, please contact us at 800-431-1270 or email