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Specialty commercial insurance for specialty producers

At Markel, agents are our greatest asset, and we want you to be successful in growing your business. If your agency is interested in getting an appointment with Markel, complete a producer application to get started. Please note, you must be appointed by Markel before sending a submission.

For your convenience, Markel Specialty has consolidated information about all programs available to retail agents into this web site. If you're looking for THOMCO programs, they are now available through Markel. Click the market segments below to learn more about our appetite.


Announcing new electronic payment vendor for Markel Specialty

In line with our efforts to improve customer service and enhance internal efficiencies, Markel has selected Wells Fargo as our new electronic payment vendor. Click here to make a single payment, or to sign up for recurring payments.


Camps and youth recreation

A leader in providing camp insurance, Markel has been in the camp business for decades. Our appetite in this market includes:

  • Camps and youth recreation
    • Community programs and recreation centers
    • Day camps
    • Equestrian camps
    • Jewish Community Centers
    • Religious camps
    • Resident camps
    • Retreats/conference centers
    • Short-term camps
    • Special needs camps
    • Sports camps
    • Trip, travel, and adventure camps
    • Youth recreation programs
  • Boys and Girls Clubs


Child care centers

Providers of enrichment and care to children have plenty to focus on. That’s why Markel has a specialty insurance solution customized for these industries--so they can focus on those in their care, and we’ll focus on insuring the unique needs of their business.


Health clubs

The health and fitness industry is dedicated to making people look and feel great. Markel is also dedicated--to providing these businesses with the right insurance coverages that address their unique risks. Program administered by Thompson Insurance Enterprises, LLC. Our appetite includes:

  • Health clubs
    • Large and small health clubs
    • Pools and spas
    • 24/7 key access clubs
    • Franchise operations
    • Snack/juice bars
    • Spin classes
    • Pilates
    • Cross fit
    • Zumba
    • Yoga
    • Incidental exposures - spa, martial arts, racquetball, tennis, squash, basketball, rock walls


Horses and farms

Markel is known as "the insurance company with horse sense" for good reason--we've been insuring horses, farms, and other equine-related activities for over 50 years. We specialize in providing coverage for:


Investment advisors

Markel offers Errors and Omissions and Directors' and Officers' coverage on a surplus lines basis to several classes of investment advisors:

  • Investment advisors
    • Asset managers
    • Divorce financial consultants
    • Financial planners
    • Registered investment advisors (RIAs)
    • Independent investment advisory representatives (IARs)


Medical transportation

With over 30 years of experience insuring the medical transport industry, Markel provides coverage for these classes of business:


Museums and fine arts

Outdoor programs

From fishing guides to hunting lodges, Markel insures a variety of outdoor programs, including:


Pest control

We know pest control operators work hard to protect the customers they serve. With such a unique business, we understand their risks. Over 5,000 operators have chosen Markel for insuring their pest control business.

  • Pest control
    • General spraying
    • Lawn and ornamental
    • Structural fumigation
    • Termite control


Program administrator business

The following programs are available to commercial retail producers through partnerships with our program administrators.

If you're interested in bringing a program to Markel, please contact Mark Nichols, Managing Executive, at 804-527-7622, or click here to learn more.


Schools - private, charter, professional

Markel has the insurance know-how in education. Our coverages provide specialized schools protection for their staff and students. Our appetite in this niche includes:

  • Schools - private, charter, professional
    • K-12
    • Charter
    • Business
    • Computer training
    • Continuing education
    • Correspondence
    • Crafts
    • Culinary
    • Fine arts
    • Head Start
    • Language
    • Montessori
    • Professional development
    • Public speaking
    • Trade and vocational
    • Tutoring


Small business

Small businesses are an essential market for Markel.


Social services - nonprofits specializing in human services

Markel insures a wide range of nonprofit and social service organizations.

  • Social services
    • Alternative education/schooling
    • Boys and Girls Clubs
    • Child welfare organizations
    • Counseling services and hotlines
    • Developmentally disabled programs
    • Food banks
    • Foster care agencies
    • Free clinics
    • Group homes (adults and children)
    • Nature centers
    • Residential care facilities (adults and children)
    • Sheltered/handicapped workshops
    • Shelters (battered women, emergency, runaway)
    • Substance abuse recovery facilities
    • YWCAs


Special risk accident - groups, clubs, nonprofits

Accident insurance is available for group activities and organizations of almost any type. Some of the groups we insure include:


Sports and fitness

The sports and fitness industry is dedicated to helping people look and feel great as well as learning or improving skills in their chosen sport/discipline. Markel is also dedicated to providing these businesses with the right insurance coverages that address their unique risks. Specialty insurance coverage is available for schools/studios, amateur sports teams/leagues, or associations. Classes in this line of business include:


Student accident

Injuries can have a dramatic (and costly) impact for students and their families. Living with the after effects of a disabling injury can literally cost millions of dollars. Some of the groups we insure are:

  • Student accident
    • K-12 schools, public and private
    • Boarding schools
    • Charter schools
    • Colleges and universities
    • Intercollegiate sports
    • Interscholastic sports


Tuition refund

Markel's tuition refund product protects schools from the financial consequences of students' forced or voluntary withdrawal from school prior to term completion.


Workers' compensation

Workers' compensation may be available for small-to-medium size businesses in 35 states. Separate appointment required.