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Student Accident

Markel's student accident insurance program covers the following types of schools: 

  • K-12 schools, public and private
  • Charter schools
  • Boarding schools 
  • Religious-affiliated schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Intercollegiate sports
  • Interscholastic sports

Coverage Highlights

Click here to view the K-12 public schools Students & Sports product sheet.

Click here to view the K-12 private schools Students & Sports product sheet.

Click here to view the K-12 private school Tuition Refund product sheet.

Eligibility: All registered students of the insured school for whom premium has been paid. Coverage is considered Primary for all Voluntary enrollment and Excess for all Compulsory enrollment.

School Time Coverage: Provides coverage while an insured student is on school premises during the days and months that school is in session; traveling directly to or from their residence and school in a vehicle supplied by the school; and participating in or attending activities sponsored solely by the school that are continually supervised by a school official or employee. One-day field trips and religious education classes are included. All high-school interscholastic football activities are excluded, unless the applicable additional premium is paid.

Around-the-Clock Coverage: Applies 24 hours/day, whether school is in session or not. The insurance is provided from the effective date of the insured student's coverage to the termination date of the policy. All high-school interscholastic football activities are excluded unless the applicable additional premium is paid.

High-School Interscholastic Football: Coverage is provided during play, practice, or travel in connection with interscholastic football in which any 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student participates. This coverage is included if provided for in the enrollment form and additional premium is paid.

Tuition Refund: Markel’s tuition refund product protects private schools and public/private colleges from the financial consequences of students forced or voluntarily withdrawal from school prior to term completion. Schools are empowered to refund tuition and fees in the event of tragedy.

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K-12 Schools

Private School K-12 Student Accident Application

Child Care and Schools Accident Only Application

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College Accident Application

Tuition Refund

Tuition Refund Application

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K-12 Students & Sports brochure for public schools

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