Student accident medical

Student accident is a blanket coverage purchased by the insured to cover their student for the cost of medical treatment for a covered accident. Markel provides student accident for:
  • Commercial child care
  • Schools (private, charter and professional)
    • Business and secretarial
    • Charm/finishing
    • Charter schools
    • Computer training
    • Continuing education
    • Crafts (ceramics, jewelry making, knitting, needlework)
    • Culinary school
    • Fine arts, drama and music
    • Interscholastic sports
    • K-12 public and private, with or without sports, including tackle football
    • Medical training and nursing schools
    • Montessori
    • Public speaking
    • Religious-affiliated schools
    • Trade and vocational schools
    • Tutoring
  • Colleges (accident only and student coverage)
    • Community colleges
    • Intercollegiate sports
Tuition refund
Markel also offers a tuition refund product which protects private schools from the financial consequences of students forced or voluntary withdrawal from school prior to term completion. Click here to learn more.