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About Markel bicycle insurance

markel bicycle insurance

Protection for your bike

Coverages that help protect your bike (even your spare parts and accessories) against damage, theft, and more.

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Protection for you

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, your bicycle isn't the only thing that gets damaged or hurt.

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Bike insurance vs. homeowners insurance

Think you are fully covered? Think again. Many homeowners policies have limits for bicycles.

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How we pay bicycle claims

Accidents happen and when they do, Markel's claims team works with you to help get you back on your bike asap.

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"It is nice to know that my bike is insured. I travel a lot and there are so many unexpected things that can happen. There is no way I could replace my triathlon bike without insurance. Thank you, Markel."

Tammy H.
Markel bicycle insurance customer
markel bike insurance testimonial

"Before buying bicycle insurance from Markel, I was always concerned about my bike when I traveled. I am now able to travel with my bike with peace of mind knowing that I'm protected by a first-class company."

Edward T.
Markel bicycle insurance customer
markel bicycle insurance testimonial