Why you need insurance coverage for your ambulance

When you are looking for ambulance service insurance, the key word is comprehensive insurance coverage. We don’t need to tell you about how frequently ambulance accidents result in property damage or personal injury.

What you may not know about are all the other areas of your business you should consider covering. We’ve been writing ambulance service insurance for the for-profit medical transportation industry for nearly 40 years. That helps us to quickly identify and offer new coverage areas.

Your local Markel agent will help you to understand our comprehensive line-up so that you buy the right kinds of insurance for your business.

Markel offers insurance customized for the for-profit medical transportation industry. In addition to great coverage for your business, you also get access to a robust risk management program including:

  • 12-month license to Arrive Alive and Do No Harm interactive training program
  • Monthly Vitals email newsletter
  • Library of risk management material
  • Expert claims handling team who know the industry
  • Avesta Safety Awareness Program posters

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