Why you need Markel Specialty ATV insurance

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Whether you're four-wheeling or working muddy fields, protection means more than just wearing safety gear and driving responsibly. It also means protecting yourself and your all-terrain vehicle with specialized off-road insurance.

That's where we come in. Unlike some insurance companies that treat an off-road vehicle as an afterthought or add-on, we create specialized policies that recognize the unique hazards you face when clawing through rough terrain on your ORV. Hunters and ranchers use and accessorize their mud-flinging four-wheelers very differently than trail riders. And that's why we tailor all UTV and ATV insurance quotes to reflect each individual rider and specific situation.

Plus, our coverage features options that many homeowners or auto insurance carriers may not provide—extras such as diminishing deductibles and protection for accessories like your snowplow, bow rack, custom seats, or hitch.

Freedom to ride wherever the trail takes you.

Did you know some homeowner policies won't cover ATVs and UTVs if they're driven off the covered property? And if you don't have off-road insurance, some states won't even allow you to ride on state-owned land. With off-road vehicle insurance from Markel Specialty, you can drive however far off the beaten path you want to go. It's the freedom and peace of mind that comes with every Markel Specialty policy.

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