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Average homeowner insurance
vs. Markel bicycle insurance

homeowners policy
bicycle policy
Insured at full value* Not likely Yes
Crash damage No Yes
Theft coverage Limited Yes
Theft away from home Limited Yes
Vehicle contact protection No Yes
Personal liability Yes Yes
Replacement bike rental No Yes
Event fee reimbursement No Yes
Cycling apparel Not likely Yes
Medical Payments Not Likely Yes
Racing coverage No Yes
Spare parts insured Not Likely Yes
Covered in transit Not Likely Yes
Worldwide physical damage Not Likely Yes
Roadside assistance Not Likely Yes

Markel bicycle insurance VS.
homeowners insurance

When it comes to protecting your bike, what you don’t know can hurt you. See how an average homeowner’s policy measures up to Markel.

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** Homeowners coverage is typically actual cash value (ACV) of the bike, not replacement value. Insurance, coverage, and discounts are subject to availability and qualifications and may not be available in all states. Coverage descriptions listed are intended to be brief and do not replace actual policy language. For questions or a complete definition of coverages and discounts available to you, please call a Markel insurance specialist at 1-800-236-2453.