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Boating resources 101

If you are new to boating, it can be overwhelming all of the things you need to remember before you leave the dock. We are here to help, and have compiled a short list of topics and websites to help you before the next time you hit the water.

To help keep you safe on the water, we have compiled a short list of topics and websites to help ensure uninterrupted fun.

Boating Vocabulary – We couldn’t have said it better than, “Know, know, know your boat. The more you know about boating terms, the better boater you’ll be.”

Boating License – Obtaining your boating license is free and easy! This online boating safety course developed by is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and approved by the National Association of Safe Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA).

Weather Alerts – The National Weather Service has a special marine section on their website that allows you to receive email and text message updates on impending weather in your area. Being caught out in a storm can make for a dangerous boating experience.  For more information on how to spot approaching storms, including how to become a storm spotter from your own home, click here!

Safety - Learn how to prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities while boating on the U.S. Coast Guard website. You can review safety tips, news, recalls, defects, laws and regulations all in one place.

These topics only scratch the surface on topics to consider before taking to the water. Use these resources as a stepping stone as you begin your boating adventure and continue to build on what you’ve learned so far. Knowledge is power and it’s important to be an informed boater. Safety does not happen by accident!

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