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Does your staff need to brush up on their risk management and prevention skills? Need to train a new employee on proper safety procedures?

Markel is now adding customers to a new safety video platform, Training Network NOW. Available to Markel customers at no cost, is access to wide variety of safety training videos which include supplemental materials such as quizzes, trainer guides, and completion certificates. Complete the form to request a login.

Additional safety videos and online resources*
Disappearing Dummies: Why Lifeguards Can’t See
Aquatic safety expert Dr. Tom Griffiths explains how and why lifeguards have such great difficulty detecting bodies on the bottom of a crystal clear pool. This DVD also introduces and prioritizes bottom sweeps while scanning.

The Reasons People Drown
Drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death across the United States. Because drowning is such a serious problem and often unrecognized, this presentation addresses these facts. Using the National Safety Council's classification system for drowning, this fast paced 24 minute DVD teaches viewers the difference between distress and drowning and how to recognize the Instinctive Drowning Response.

Shallow Water Blackouts
This DVD is geared toward lifeguard trainers and supervisors, managers and directors who establish pool policies as a comprehensive guide explaining how unnecessary deaths from shallow water blackouts can be prevented in the pool.

KidSafety of America: Managing School Violence
This DVD focuses on safety issues unique with you children in daycare centers, head start programs, preschools and elementary schools. Topics Include: conducting drills with young children, communications (law enforcement, parents, staff, etc), bullying, teasing and harassment, and crisis planning. This DVD is part of the Managing School Violence video series developed in collaboration with National Safe and Drug Free Schools and National School Safety Center.

Stop Bullying Now provides information from various government agencies on what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond to bullying.

Child Abuse and Neglect
This DVD is intended for teachers, daycare providers, social workers, or others who work closely with children and have limited experience on this subject. With help from experts, practitioners, and parents this DVD defines abuse, explains symptoms, and encourages reporting and help for the child.

Every Ride, Every Time
This DVD shows the critical need for protective helmets and why they can prevent serious head injuries when horseback riding. Pony Club and 4-H riders are featured with head injury survivors, and families of less fortunate riders, giving testimony to their experiences.

Bloodborne Pathogens
This DVD covers all aspects of an Exposure Control Plan as well as discussing modes of transmission, PPE, work practices, emergency procedures and requirements related to record keeping. This program is suitable for training staff who reasonably anticipate coming in contact with blood or other bodily fluids. It is also ideal for general hazards training for those who do not reasonably anticipate exposure.

FEMA - Getting Ready for Disaster
The DVD's seven segments include: 1) Getting Informed; 2) Making a Plan; 3) Assembling a Disaster Supplies Kit; 4) Food and Water in an Emergency; 5) Helping Children Cope with Disaster; 6) Disability and Special Needs Populations; and 7) Getting Involved - Citizen Corps – Intended to walk the viewer, step by step, through lifesaving procedures for being ahead of the storm and knowing what to do when danger threatens.

Coaching The® Van Driver™ 3
This National Safety Council DVD addresses the considerations of mini-van, commercial van, and 15 passenger van drivers. This modular program includes comprehensive coverage of collision-prevention techniques in a non-lecture participant-intensive classroom format and an easy-to-use instructor’s kit.
This DVD does NOT include participant response books, self-instruction response books, or self-instruction DVDs. These additional materials can be purchased on the Coaching Systems website.
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Defensive Driving: I Could See It Coming
This program will help you conduct defensive-driving training sessions for new and existing employees. It covers the factors that cause accidents and then provides seven strategies for driving defensively.

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