Markel Specialty’s cattle farm and ranch insurance provides the coverage you need.

A cattle farm or ranch needs specialized insurance protection to cover both livestock and property.
Here’s what makes our cattle farm and ranch different: Because Markel Specialty has over 50 years of experience writing livestock insurance, we understand your business. As a cattle rancher, your insurance policy should cover not only your home but also your barns, outbuildings, equipment . . . in other words, farm and ranch insurance.

Once again, Markel Specialty has years of experience in the specialized world of writing customized farm and ranch property insurance.

By combining liability plus property into our cattle farm and ranch policy, you not only save money but you get the full protection you need for both farm-related liability and for your home and property.

Protect yourself, your property, and your assets with Markel Specialty’s cattle farm and ranch insurance. 

It’s critical to have insurance protection against any type of claim. That’s why Markel Specialty’s cattle farm and ranch insurance is your complete solution to protecting your everyday lifestyle and business.

Cattle farmers and ranchers like Markel Specialty’s affordable, comprehensive insurance. 

We provide liability, medical payments, along with property coverage for your home, stables, equipment, and your valuables and more–all in one policy.
cattle farm
cattle farm
  • Great products at a competitive price

    "Great product that has a competitive place in the market, backed by a home office with real expertise and customer focus."

    Andy A. | Markel Specialty agent | April, 2017

  • Compassionate and caring claims team

    "I have used Markel for years and every person I have ever encountered is always there any time I have ever had a question, which is phenomenal! I recommend/refer all the time and would never even think of using anyone else! With my recent claim all of the people I spoke with were caring and compassionate while also being helpful and making the process simple. I thank you all for this."

    Betsy K. | Markel Specialty customer | February, 2018

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