Markel Specialty's civic and social advocacy services insurance: we provide help for the helpers

Your organization works hard to help and protect others, but how are you protected?
Does your organization have adequate insurance coverage? More importantly, does it have the right insurance coverage?

For over 60 years, Markel Specialty has been helping human service organizations. We understand both the sensitive nature of your work and the types of insurance coverage that work best for you. That means we can offer options, from affordable payment plans to professional liability coverage to crisis response assistance. Plus, we’ll give you full access to the Markel Safety 1st education program – our loss control and risk management resource to help you prevent incidents from occurring in the first place.

Markel Specialty is committed to helping your civic and social advocacy services organization obtain coverage options, assist in control long-term costs of risks, and help improve overall safety.

A loss can become a crisis

Losses can happen, and they can turn into a crisis. With our coverage crisis response assistance there is an option available to help you reduce the risks associated with a crisis.

Customizable coverages for civic and social advocacy organizations.

A Markel Specialty insurance policy can help in achieving risk management goal for your organization.

Background checks, training materials and education available at negotiated rates.
Markel Specialty's loss control library is full of information, pointers, and guidelines for maintaining a safer environment.
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  • The experience to help you

    "If the business is in their wheelhouse they have the experience to help you through what is needed to quote the risk at a fair premium."

    Gary H. | Markel Specialty agent | January, 2018

  • Friendly and helpful

    "All of the people that I work with, underwriters, etc. are knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and helpful."

    Michele E. | Markel Specialty agent | January, 2018

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