Markel FirstComp injured workers

If you have been injured at work and require care, report this to your employer immediately regardless of the information you have at hand.

FirstComp has established ClaimLine reporting services at 888-500-3344 to report an injury when it happens.  You may also fax us at 877-444-6806 or email

Once a claim is reported, the adjuster assigned to your area will make contact within 24 hours

FirstComp understands the importance of knowledgeable claims professionals prepared to answer your questions with personal attention and expertise.  With associates available across four time zones, you are sure to find the claims assistance you need – when you need it.

New claim notices should include the following information.

  •  Policy Number
  • Insured and Claimant Names with Contact Details
  • Date of Loss
  • Location and Description of Loss
  • All pertinent documentation available (incident report, police report, witness information, photos, etc.)

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