Commercial child care insurance coverage

Markel Specialty child care insurance means getting the right insurance for you - no matter the size of your operation.

Cookie-cutter insurance programs don’t work in the commercial child care business. A nursery school may have very different needs from an after-school program. But every kind of daycare program, regardless of size or number of children, needs flexible, affordable insurance that’s the right fit for the business.

General liability

Every commercial child care facility needs commercial general liability insurance. This essential coverage protects you if you are sued by someone who claims you caused their physical injury or damaged their property.

Professional liability
Professional liability coverage allows teachers and providers to perform their professional duties without fear of devastating lawsuits, defense costs, and judgments. Without it, you could end up footing the bill alone. Markel Specialty offers limits up to $1 million for each wrongful act/$3 million aggregate. (Aggregate is the maximum amount we will pay for all covered claims combined.)

Abuse and molestation liability
We offer this critical coverage for situations that can be explosive. Our claims staff has expertise in handling these types of claims and is sensitive to the needs of all parties involved. Markel Specialty offers limits up to $1 million per person-occurrence/$3 million aggregate.

Property insurance

If you own the building that houses your child care facility, you need commercial property insurance to protect both your building and its contents. If you rent, you need property insurance to cover your valuable equipment. Markel Specialty’s coverage is available on a special cause of loss basis, which means you’re covered for events like fire, burglaries, vandalism, and even frozen pipes.

Optional coverage

Accident medical
Accident medical insurance will pay children’s medical bills if they are injured at your facility or during activities you sponsor and have no insurance of their own, or their bills exceed what their insurance pays. You can think of accident medical insurance as a goodwill gesture —by paying a child’s medical bills now, you may be able to avoid a lawsuit later.

Commercial auto
Markel Specialty’s automobile insurance provides complete liability and physical damage coverage for the owned, leased, non-owned, and hired automobiles (such as vans, pickups, and buses) used at your facility. Limits up to $1 million available.

Umbrella liability
Umbrella liability insurance provides additional protection that takes effect after you’ve gone above the limits of your general liability, abuse and molestation liability, professional liability, or automobile liability insurance.

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