Why you need liability insurance for your commercial equine operation

Your business is horses. Our business is protecting your business.

You can never be quite sure how a horse will react in a certain situation. Even the gentlest of horses can injure someone or damage property. If it’s a customer or visitor who gets injured, or someone’s property is damaged and you are found negligent, then you could be held responsible and at risk of having to pay a high monetary settlement. That’s why you need a Markel Specialty commercial equine liability policy–even if you have other coverage that protects you from general liability.

Here are just two examples of claims we have paid out for our customers.

  • A student was riding on our customer’s property, when the horse suddenly stopped. The student was thrown off and fractured her spine.
  • A prospective buyer of a horse took the horse on a trail ride after our customer first had them sign a trail ride release. Along the trail, the horse wanted to turn around and go back. The buyer was told several times to rein the horse in or turn him around but the buyer let the horse proceed. The horse picked up speed and the rider fell off.

You never can tell what might happen. But if you want peace of mind, then you’ll want Markel Specialty’s commercial equine liability insurance to protect you and your horse business.

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