Markel has been a Corporate Partner of the Ohio Quarter Horse Association (OQHA) for 7 years. We are excited to partner with OQHA and Professional Auction Services to provide 24-hour Fall of the Hammer mortality coverage for horses purchased at the online Congress Ranch Horse Sale and Congress Super Sale.

What is “fall of the hammer” mortality insurance coverage?
Fall of the hammer mortality insurance coverage provides buyers immediate all risk mortality and theft coverage on horses purchased for 24-hours after the close of each sale. Embryos/unborn foals are not eligible. A Markel representative must be contacted to extend coverage after the 24-hour period.

All risk mortality and theft coverage reimburses you for the death, theft, or human destruction of your covered horse, including illness or disease.

Congress Ranch Horse Sale
Saturday, October 1st, 2022
Featuring ropin’, ridin’ & slidin’ horses 

56th Congress Super Sale
Saturday, October 15th, 2022

Sale sessions include: 

  • Western pleasure yearling sale stakes session
  • Hunter under saddle yearling sale stakes session
  • Super Session - show horses, prospects, breeding stock

How do I extend mortality insurance coverage on my newly purchased horse(s), or add my new horse to already existing Markel® policy?

Markel’s fall of the hammer mortality insurance coverage will cease 24-hours after the end of each sale. To extend your insurance coverage beyond the 24-hour period, a Markel representative, or horse insurance specialist must be contacted. Horses in transit are not insurable until the final destination is reached.

For your immediate insurance needs, or questions:

  1. Call a Markel horse insurance specialist below. We are represented exclusively by insurance agents in the field who specialize within a specific horse discipline and/or breed. Horse owners and professionals can be assured that Markel’s specialists understand their wants and needs, because our specialists are horse people too.
  2. Contact Markel’s underwriter on-call: Kellie Chambers at +1.804.402.0966

To report a claim:
Please contact Markel in the event of any accident, sickness, injury and/or death. It is necessary to report any medical or surgical condition as soon as possible, or immediately in the event of your horse’s death. Our on-call claims representatives are ready to assist you 24/7.

For questions or to extend your insurance coverage, contact a Markel horse insurance specialist today:

Andreini and Company, a partnered agency:

For European inquiries, email Muriel de Moubray at

Learn more about horse mortality insurance: