Billing information

Markel understands that our policyholders are facing significant obstacles and may find it difficult to immediately pay insurance premiums. To address this situation and ensure continued coverage, we’re taking the following actions:

  • For our policyholders who notify us they cannot pay their premiums due to events related to COVID-19, beginning March 27, 2020, we are initiating a temporary 60-day voluntary hold on cancellations and nonrenewal notices through May 31, 2020, or later as directed by state regulations. While we will continue to bill them for premiums, payments will be deferred. In addition, Markel Specialty will not cancel for non-payment and will waive any late fees during this hold. In all cases, Markel Specialty is following state regulatory guidelines, which we continue to monitor and evaluate on a daily basis. Our billing team has also been proactively reaching out to workers compensation and BOP policyholders at risk to ensure a loss in coverage is avoided. If your business has been affected by COVID-19 and you need to explore additional payment options, please reach out to us so we can help.

Payment information
We understand there may be cases where customers are mailing payments directly to Markel offices; however, due to Markel’s decision to strongly encourage remote working, we recommend that customers remit their payments electronically. Remitting payment electronically will guarantee efficient routing and timely payment processing. For customers who do mail their payment in to a physical Markel location, please be aware of the potential for delays in payment processing.

Please note that some of our payment addresses have recently changed. When remitting payment, either through standard mail or electronic bill pay with your bank, please take a moment to ensure you are using the remittance address detailed on your latest invoice.

How to make an electronic payment
Option 1 – Customers eligible for e-pay can quickly make one-time payments as well as set up recurring payments for their policy online here. USAA members please click here to make a payment.

Option 2 – Customers can utilize their personal banking institution to schedule an electronic payment to the address detailed on their invoice. For customers already utilizing electronic bill pay, please double check that the address you have on file matches what is shown on your bill, as our addresses have recently changed.

We are here for you and want to help
Nothing is more important than protecting your health and safety. We are taking all steps possible to minimize health risks to our associates, our partners that we do business with, and our communities.

Premium audits
Markel will be delaying the processing on any non-compliant audits on workers compensation accounts for 30 days to provide insureds more time during these unprecedented times. The Audit department will also be handling all payroll decreasing endorsement requests, with the goal of working with insureds to process the request within 2 business days.

Policy renewals
Markel understands the current situation can affect your policy renewal as well. If your policy is close to renewing, Markel is able to make similar payment arrangements for renewals to ensure policies are not cancelled as a result of the impacts from COVID-19.

If you are interested in signing up for our pay-as-you-go, $0 down payment plan, read more about PayGo. Click here for PayGo FAQ’s.

PayGo is only available for Markel Specialty commercial policies.
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