Markel Specialty offers customizable insurance protection for all of your fun—from motorcycles, boats, and ATVs, to bicycles and weddings. We offer affordable insurance products and a variety of discounts to help you save money while staying protected—whether you are enjoying the open road, a backwoods trail, out the water, or you need peace of mind on your special day.

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  • Exemplary service

    "I would describe my experience as exemplary from beginning to end.  Easy, great pricing, good product, great customer service when I called to ask a question. Keep doing what you are doing, we appreciate the peace of mind you are bringing us."

    Luann S. | Event insurance customer | February 2018

  • Easy claims process

    "I was worried about how I would pay for repairs, as well as not having my bike for weeks.  I never expected this process to be as easy as it was. I am so grateful for my insurance.  Having Markel made it so much better."

    Rebecca Y. | Bicycle insurance customer | August 2018

  • Best motorcycle insurance company

    "Markel has been the best motorcycle insurance company I have had and I've been riding since 1984.  I work at a motorcycle dealership and I have recommended Markel to many customers. Keep up the good work."

    Robert B. | Motorcycle insurance customer | January 2019

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