Why you need insurance for educational services

Earn an “A” for knowing the right type of insurance for your educational service center.

As an owner/operator of an educational center, you stay very busy. So you probably don’t have a lot of time to study and review insurance options and the property and liability risks associated with operating your center. But if you have the wrong or inadequate insurance, you could end up with uninsured or underinsured losses . . . and that has the potential to put you out of business!

Some of the things you should ask yourself when looking for a good policy are:

  • Does the program offer hard-to-find liability coverages like abuse and molestation or professional liability?
  • Does the company's claims team have experience handling highly emotional claims involving children?
  • Does the company offer strategies to make your center safer?

Thankfully, Markel Specialty’s comprehensive and affordable educational services insurance programs offers all of the above . . . and more.

When you pick Markel Specialty, you not only get high marks for your choice. You get peace of mind.

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