Deborah Mihaloff

Markel horse insurance specialist since 1980

Quick Facts

  • 30 year association with the Arabian equine industry
  • Breeder of Arabian horses for over 30 years
  • Race purebred Arabians

About Deborah
Deborah Mihaloff began breeding Arabian horses in the 1970's in her native Michigan. Following in her father's footsteps, she embarked on an insurance career and in 1981 traveled to London to meet with foremost bloodstock underwriters to develop an insurance program exclusively for Arabian horses.

She was introduced to Markel Corporation which at the time was a fifty year old specialty insurance brokerage firm located in Richmond, Virginia. She was successful in developing the insurance program and worked closely with top veterinarians and breeders to develop risk management programs for Markel insureds.

On a personal note, Deborah and her husband, Alan Kirshner, have built their Arabian breeding farm in Montpelier, Virginia. Cre Run is a farm dedicated to breeding Arabian race horses. Both are very active in the Arabian industry. (Visit for more information.)

Deborah is a very involved breeder and in the course of her career, she has been very involved in equine nutrition both for her own operation and to communicate to Markel insureds. She has produced two risk management films on equine habits, safety, and nutrition which have been seen by thousands of horseowners nationwide.