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You can plan every detail of your special event, but unfortunately, sometimes life happens. Hurricanes hit. Airports close. Equipment gets damaged. Someone gets hurt on the dancefloor. The possibilities are endless.

Markel’s special event insurance coverage protects you (and your wallet) should you face an unavoidable setback when planning or while at your special event. When you consider how much effort you devote to planning, preparing and perfecting, insurance for events is not only smart, but also is surprisingly affordable. With a policy from Markel, you’re covered for non-refundable deposits, cancellation fees, and even injury or liability from accidents during your event.

Some events we’ve covered:
• Weddings
• Anniversary party
• Baby shower
• Baptism
• Bar or bat mitzvah
• Birthday party
• Housewarming party
• Memorial service
• Quinceañera
• Retirement party
• Special achievement reception
• Much, much more

Markel offers two different types of event insurance protection – event liability and event cancellation coverage. Save up to 15% when you purchase both coverages for total protection. Let us help you pick the best event insurance coverage for your special day.


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