Bridal party gift ideas

They people in your wedding party are very obviously very important people in your life - they are standing up in your wedding after all! You want to give them a gift that will not only be memorable, but also something they will enjoy. Markel Event Insurance offers a quick list to help spark your bridal party gift ideas.

Your wedding party includes your closest family members and friends. They play a very important part not only on your special day, but in your life. That’s why you want to give them a gift that will truly be memorable. We’ve put together a list of ideas your wedding party will love. Many of the items on the list can be monogrammed for that extra special touch.

5 categories of gift ideas for your wedding party

  1. Gifts of comfort
    Bridesmaids – silk robe, silk pillow case, silk eye mask, pajamas

    Groomsmen – dress socks, moccasin slippers, lounge pants

  2. Gifts for accessorizing
    Bridesmaids – clutch purse, gemstone earrings, scarf

    Groomsmen – magnetic tie clips, cufflinks, necktie

  3. Useful gifts
    Bridesmaids - stationary, compact mirror, water bottle, coffee mug, tote bag, journal, card case

    Groomsmen – money clips, leather travel case, leather belt, collar stays, beer mug

  4. Electronic gifts
    Bridesmaids and groomsmen – portable phone charger, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, smart notebook, electric wine bottle opener, Bluetooth headphones, USB stick (loaded with special songs or photos of memories you shared), digital picture frame

  5. Experience/hobby gifts
    Bridesmaids – spa service, bath salts, hair and makeup for wedding, gardening tools or seedlings, interesting book, cookbook, bottle of wine (personalized label)

    Groomsmen - golf outing, golf towel, golf club headcovers, golf balls, grilling book, BBQ toolset, electronic fish attractor, fisherman’s tool kit

We hope these gift ideas help guide you to selecting just the right gifts for your wedding party.

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