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Event cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance protects your clients against vendor bankruptcy, and other potential wedding or event disasters

As an event professional, you’ve seen it all. Photographers go missing the day of your client’s event, gifts get stolen, and hurricanes can ruin a perfectly planned wedding. It’s your job to be prepared for the disasters that your clients might be faced with. Your clients should be prepared too – for potential financial losses if the unexpected happens on their special day.

“We’ve seen cancellation insurance claims as crazy as photographers closing their business after the wedding and disappearing with the photos, dogs chewing up wedding dresses the day before the wedding, and venues scheduling multiple weddings on the same day,” says Kerri Nguyen, Marketing Director for Markel event insurance.

Nguyen says approximately 23% of Markel event insurance’s cancellation claims are for vendors who have unexpectedly gone bankrupt and closed their doors. Reception venues, photographers, DJs, florists – can all take hefty deposits from your clients and disappear forever. Markel’s event cancellation insurance helps cover these lost deposits.

Weather can be unpredictable, and it is the second leading cause for cancellation claims at Markel event insurance. Hurricanes, blizzards, flooding – all can wreak havoc on wedding plans, especially when the event is planned for outdoors.

Another common reason for purchasing event cancellation insurance is military deployment. Each year, Markel sees numerous claims for brides and grooms (in the military) that have had their previously approved leave withdrawn, or are deployed unexpectedly.

Markel’s event cancellation coverage also protects your client if the bride or groom (or someone in their immediate family) suddenly becomes ill or is involved in a serious accident.

Markel’s event cancellation coverage can be purchased for as little as $130. For the peace of mind it offers your clients (and you), it’s worth every penny.

Purchase both event cancellation and event liability and save 15%! - Markel also offers event liability coverage to help protect your clients from financial loss if an accident occurred at their special event – for example, if someone accidentally fell and hurt themselves on the dance floor, or a guest had too many drinks and got into a car accident on the way home, they would be protected. Coverage starts as low as $75.

Markel can help protect your clients (and you!) by providing:

  • An easy and affordable insurance solution for your clients – a free quote takes only a few minutes online or over the phone – turning you into a one-stop shop for your clients.
  • AND, not only does Markel Event Insurance protect your clients, but it can also protect you by potentially decreasing your own business liability risk.

 To learn more, please visit our wedding and event professionals page on www.markeleventinsurance.com.


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