Event liability insurance

Event liability insurance helps protect your client

More and more venues are requiring event hosts (such as your clients) to carry special event liability insurance, but finding an affordable solution is not always easy. Often times, event planners are asked to help their clients fill this void and don’t know where to turn.

"By having event professionals offer Markel event liability insurance to their clients, it not only helps protect their client from liability losses, it may also help protect their business,” says Kerri Nguyen, Marketing Director at Markel event insurance. “Event planners and their clients are focused on the planning and execution of a flawless event, Markel is focused on giving everyone peace of mind and the protection they need should the unexpected occur.”

Each year, Markel sees numerous liability claims for things like damage to reception hall furnishings such as couches, mirrors, coffee tables – even toilets and landscaping. Markel also sees guest injury claims when someone slips, falls and gets injured at the event venue. The ultimate unfortunate liability claim is when an over-served wedding guest is involved in an auto accident on the way home. Not all liability claims are related to over-indulgence – Markel also sees claims for such as spills on photography equipment or even damage to floors.

Markel event insurance prides itself on exceptional customer service, and as event professionals, we know you do too. Recommending Markel Event Insurance will give your client’s (and you) peace of mind so they can enjoy their event without worry. Policies start as low as $75, and can be purchased online or over the phone in just minutes.

Markel also offers event cancellation insurance to help protect your clients against other wedding nightmares if they would need to cancel or postpone their wedding due to such things as extreme weather, accident or illness of someone in the wedding party, vendor bankruptcy, no-show vendors, and lost or stolen gifts. Event cancellation coverage starts as low as $130. Clients who purchase both event liability and event cancellation coverage can save 15%.

Markel can help protect your clients (and you!) by providing:

  • An easy and affordable insurance solution for your clients – a free quote takes only a few minutes online or over the phone – turning you into a one-stop shop for your clients.
  • AND, not only does Markel Event Insurance protect your clients, but it can also protect you by potentially decreasing your own business liability risk.
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