Insurance coverages for farms and ranches

One insurance policy from Markel Specialty can give you affordable coverage for both your farm and home.

Coverage highlights

  • Choose from several property deductible amounts according to your budget
  • Choose basic, broad, or special coverage for loss of property
  • Personal liability available for owner occupied dwellings
  • Commercial general liability coverage applies on and off premises in the U.S., Canada, and U.S. Territories
  • Limited professional liability coverage for horse trainers, riding instructors, and clinicians
  • No deductible on liability claims
  • We will pay the cost of your legal defense in excess of policy limit

Dwelling coverage

You can get coverage for both owner-occupied and employee occupied dwellings. Replacement cost is included when the dwelling structure is insured to 80% or more of replacement cost value.

Equipment coverage

Scheduled or blanket equipment coverage available for farm risks. Equipment valuation is offered at actual cash value.

Farm structure coverage

Protection for many types of farm structures can be scheduled on your Markel Specialty policy. Replacement cost or actual cash value can be provided based on insurance to value requirements.

Liability coverage

To meet your ever-growing exposures, your policy can offer limits up to $1 million per occurrence/$3 million aggregate. Per occurrence is the maximum amount paid on a covered individual claim. Aggregate is the maximum amount paid on all covered claims combined, within the policy period.

Additional coverages

Your farm and ranch policy can be tailored to meet almost all of your agricultural needs:

  • Disruption of farming (loss of income due to covered cause of loss to a stable or barn)
  • Livestock coverage (named perils up to $2,000 per head)
  • Coverage for scheduled personal property (jewelry, fine arts, guns, sports equipment, etc.)
  • Animal collision
  • Systems breakdown
  • Crime
  • Employee benefits
  • Chemical drift

Property enhancements

Choose our Ag Essential or Ag Premier for enhanced property coverage. Here are a few coverage highlights:

  • Increased sublimits for property coverages.
  • Increased pollutant clean-up coverage ($25,000)
  • Green coverage ($5,000)
  • Water back-up endorsement
  • New construction increased limits
  • Disruption of farming operations

Commercial general liability enhancements

  • Increased medical payments
  • Additional insured–when required by written contract or agreement
  • Waiver of transfer of rights of recovery against others to us

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