Markel Specialty's farrier insurance: for the protection you need!

Your business is unique and we understand your risks as farriers. Just like a horse needs a good shoe for protection, you need customizable and affordable Markel Specialty farrier insurance for business protection.

Our farrier insurance program protects you on or off your premises with a broad range of coverages designed just for farriers.

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Members of horse associations are eligible for a 10% association credit.

A farrier without farrier insurance is playing with fire. 

As a farrier, you are responsible for your business activities. You also carry around farrier equipment in the back of your truck.

Markel Specialty protects you for claims against products you sell or work you have performed. If a horse is injured or dies while in your care, custody and control, you are covered up to certain limits spelled out in the policy. In addition, your equipment and supplies are covered against loss or damage. Without proper insurance coverage, a lawsuit could be the end of your business.

You'll love Markel Specialty's farrier insurance coverage

Insurance for your farrier business can help you get back on your feet when something goes wrong. Our coverages are specifically designed for your needs and your business. We can even have a customizable package policy to include your home and farrier rig.

Our success in developing effective solutions for horse owners has proven critical to the achievement of mission goals for other associations.
Frequently asked questions about property and liability insurance.
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    Amber A. | Markel Specialty agent | May, 2017

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