Thank you for your interest in Markel Specialty farrier insurance.

Ready to get a quote? We can provide a customized package policy for your farrier business. Coverage includes conducting business on and off premises, and inland marine coverage for transportable equipment.

For a hassle free quote, your operation must meet the following qualifications:

  • I have no helpers or apprentices
  • I have no prior losses
  • My only operation is farrier services
  • I have a minimum of 3 years of experience in farrier services

If you met all of these qualifications, click the button below to request a quote:


Don't worry! If your operation does not qualify for our hassle free quote, you can still get a quote with Markel by completing out standard farrier insurance application.
You can call 800-842-5024, speak with a Markel Horse Specialist, or click the button below to request a standard farrier insurance quote online: