Step 1 - Report all claims

Immediately report all claims to your agent or to Markel Claims by completing the online form, calling +1.800.362.7535, faxing +1.855.662.7535, or emailing, with a copy to your agent.

The new claim notice should include the following:

  • Policy number
  • Insured and claimant names with contact details
  • Date of loss location and description of loss
  • Current location of insured items, if known
  • All pertinent documentation necessary to properly evaluate the claim (police reports, photos, etc.)
    • For after-hours emergencies such as death, serious bodily injury, or catastrophic property damage, immediately call Markel Claims.
    • Report all claims involving theft, vandalism, or other crimes to the police when they occur. Get the police report when possible.

For Hagerty, reinsurance and international claims, visit

Step 2 - Get the facts

  • Print the incident report form and write down how and exactly where the accident or injury happened, along with the time it occurred.
  • Get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone involved. If possible, take pictures at the scene.
  • For serious property claims, take the necessary steps to preserve the damaged property and mitigate any further damage. Make temporary repairs when necessary, and keep all receipts.
Animal loss procedures
  1. Report all accidents, sicknesses, injuries and deaths.
  2. Contact Markel for permission prior to any surgical procedures.
  3. Make arrangements for an autopsy.
  4. Call police in case of theft, shooting or vehicular involvement.
  1. Perform any surgical procedure without contacting Markel.
  2. Have animal put down without consent of Markel.
  3. Have animal removed prior to performance of an autopsy.
  4. Neglect a police report if needed.

Step 3 - Copy and submit all correspondence

  • Copy all accident-related correspondence, and mail the originals to Markel. This includes reports, statements, bills, and letters.
  • Send all correspondence as soon as you receive it—don’t let it pile up.
  • Reference your policy number and claim number on each document.
  • If you receive any type of legal papers, immediately call Markel Claims. If possible, fax the documents to us at 855-662-7535.