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About Ask Kodiak
Ask Kodiak is in the business of helping agents and carriers collaborate and communicate in the digital world. This means total user control, including the ability to turn on/off or prioritize appetite on-demand, great UI/UX, simplified sign-up and sign-on, full-featured APIs, no pesky sales people, and no hidden consulting projects for your budget dollars to suddenly fund. Ask Kodiak helps carriers and agents write more of the risks they want to write, faster.

How can agents utilize Ask Kodiak?

  •  Eligibility and appetite for all your carriers, in one place. Filter by state, classification, risk-size, and more to instantly see product highlights, underwriting criteria, and more across your contracted markets and beyond. Because the information is provided by the carriers themselves, you can count on it being right, every time.
  • Prequalification and product stats in an instant. Carrier appetite changes all the time. Get instant visibility into up-to-the-minute class-level eligibility, benchmark premium accounts, product marketing material, and the key criteria underwriters looks for. This is all without having to visit each individual website.
  • Share appetite within your agency. You can finally delete that spreadsheet you’ve been passing around with all of your carrier eligibility. Kodiak Team Sharing – available as a paid upgrade to the free plan – allows your agency to catalog and search carrier appetite of your own. Brochures, underwriting notes, application workflow next-steps, all of it. With Team Sharing, you’ll see not only carrier and wholesaler provided results, but also your own content.
  • Search, analytics, and an API to boot. Ask Kodiak comes complete with comprehensive dashboards so that you can understand what others in your agency have been searching for. Using Ask Kodiak’s Appetite API, your team can integrate appetite search wherever they want.
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