Bold Penguin

About Bold Penguin
Bold Penguin operates the largest commercial insurance exchange that connects businesses, agents, and carriers to the right quote in record time. Bold Penguin has built a new infrastructure for commercial insurance that makes it easier to write small commercial more efficiently and more profitably than ever before. Our technology is completely flexible, so it works the way that best works for you. The API-first enablement is leveraged to power both consumer and agent-facing interfaces, to create a fully customizable experience at an extraordinary speed to market-without sacrificing long-term functionality.

How can agents utilize Bold Penguin?
If you are an independent agent looking for an intelligent, single software solution that can be individually customized to how your agency quotes and binds commercial insurance – look no further. Using the Agent Terminal will eliminate the need for double data entry through multiple carrier portals. Information on a risk is entered through a single application, carriers can be ranked, coverage can be organized, and bindable quotes will appear consistently across the entire organization.

Product lines:
  • Workers compensation
  • Businessowners policy
  • Contractors general liability
Business classes being sold include:
  • Main street businesses
  • White collar
  • Artisan contractors
These discounts are available to existing policyholders only. Purchase of services is not required for coverage. In making these discounts available, Markel Specialty is not endorsing these products, making any warranty (including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose) or guarantee with respect to the products or assuming any liability for any damages that may result from their use.