About Semsee
Semsee is a new play on an old technology, inspired by SEMCI (Single-Entry-Multiple-Company-Interface). They have combined years of experience with fresh thinking to overcome the challenges faced by independent agents. Their mission is to be the portal where agents see everything in a single platform, from lead to quote.

How does Semsee help agents?

  • Smart forms. Agents can collaborate with clients and gather the right information once to easily answer all appointed carrier questions.
  • Auto-fill. Semsee uses third-party data to intuitively populate the information an agent needs to submit an application.
  • Single submission. Agents complete one application to satisfy multiple carriers, giving agents more time to serve clients and build relationships.
  • Quote comparison. Agents can easily evaluate multiple quotes with at-a-glance comparisons to highlight each quote’s distinctive details and then share them with clients.
  • Dashboard. Agents can view applications in progress, manage required actions, communicate with clients through an integrated inbox, view carrier updates, and review performance statistics.
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