We've walked in your shoes

Markel is rich in history and an icon of entrepreneurial spirit. Since 1930, we have been building dynamic business. We take pride in our entrepreneurial approach and recognize the value of relationships in propelling our growth – both organically and by acquisition. We have a strong commitment to our production partners and extend care and respect to these relationships.

Our vision
We seek to be a leader in consistently profitable and sustainable niche products managed by professional Program Administrators (PAs) with whom we have enjoyable and enduring relationships.

The Markel Style - How we do business

  • It starts with listening.
  • All dealings will be open and honest--in both directions.
  • All decisions are based upon a “forever” orientation and commitment.
  • Undeniable financial security and an undying commitment to fulfill our paper promises.
Our basic qualifications
  • 50 states
  • Admitted and non-admitted
  • All lines of business
  • Programs heritage, talent, and experience
How we differentiate ourselves and provide a lasting impression
  • Profit sharing
  • Helping you grow
  • Helping you keep losses low
  • Commitment to eliminate redundancy in our integration
How you can differentiate yourself with us
  • Track record for long-term profitable programs and carrier relationships.
  • Equal and adequate measures of underwriting talent and management integrity.
  • A demonstrated willingness to let business go when market conditions warrant it.
  • A commitment to “win-win” financial models that incorporate mutually beneficial terms.
Business we are looking for
  • Existing programs (start-up programs limited to existing customers only)
  • Minimum $7.5M in GWP (or higher depending on class)
  • Niche industries
  • Unique value proposition
  • Multiline focus preferred
  • Workers compensation class dependent (less than 25% of total premium)
Our long-term objectives
  • Profit
  • Growth
  • Enhanced brand
  • Acquisitions