Markel Specialty offers customizable insurance for supermarkets and grocery stores.

You serve the community. And we serve you with affordable insurance coverages.

Your community depends on your store. That’s why you need to protect it, and your assets, with insurance from Markel Specialty.

To qualified customers, Markel Specialty offers liability, property, and workers compensation coverages for:

  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery stores

Why do you need insurance for your supermarket or grocery store?

A Markel Specialty insurance policy can help protect you from property damage losses, liability lawsuits, and more.

Your grocery store can be vulnerable to property damage and liability lawsuits. A customer trips over a box left on the floor. A freezer unit breaks down. An employee claims harassment. Another employee is injured lifting heavy cases. A water pipe freezes and bursts. A power surge knocks out your POS terminals.

But with the right level of coverage, you can have the appropriate measures in place to bounce back from an unexpected disaster and repair or replace essential equipment and assets.

Patrick M. | January, 2019

Markel Specialty agent
"In our business good service is one of the key elements for positive client relationships. We have always been impressed with the service we receive from the entire staff at Markel."

Frankie W. | October, 2019

Markel Specialty agent
"Markel continues to impress me with their knowledgeable underwriters and helpful customer service."

Tamara R. | January, 2020

Markel Specialty agent
"Great service and helpful in getting the job done."

What insurance coverages are available?

Markel Specialty offers workers compensation and businessowners policy (EssentialBOP) insurance coverages that can be customized for your operation—covering liability, property, and other areas essential to protecting your assets. Plus, by combining our workers compensation and businessowners policies you can earn up to a 10% multi-policy discount.*

For on-the-job accidents, Markel Specialty offers separate workers compensation insurance plans. Workers compensation can assist with the costs associated with occupational illnesses and injuries including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Partial wages while the employee recovers
  • Funeral expenses if an employee dies from a work injury
  • Legal expenses if your business is sued over a work injury

Additionally, we have optional coverages that include the specific insurance needs of your store such as spoilage coverage, pollutant clean-up, and computer/point of sale interruptions. Plus, adding Markel Specialty’s commercial umbrella liability insurance over eligible Markel EssentialBOP policies can provide qualified customers additional insurance protection for the costs of catastrophic claims and lawsuits.

To protect your business from employee claims, you can also add Markel Specialty’s Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage.

These are just a few of the coverages available. Follow the link below to view all of our coverages that are available for supermarkets and grocery stores.



Background checks, training materials, and education available at negotiated rates.


PayGo Payroll reporting is the billing plan of choice for workers compensation policyholders.

From the loading dock to the cash register, Markel Specialty has insurance coverage that's right for you.

Contact one of our appointed Markel Specialty agents and start a quote today!

*The discount applies to businessowners policy only.  Multi-policy discount not applicable to Equipment Breakdown Protection and Employee Practices Liability Insurance endorsements.