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Your health club is a unique business. Help keep it in top shape with Markel Specialty.
At Markel Specialty we specialize in health and fitness club insurance, and we know that each club has different needs. For over 40 years, Markel Specialty has been providing specialized coverage to help keep businesses like your's in top shape.You can customize the right kind of policy and coverage that fits the exact needs of your health or fitness club and we can help answer some of the questions that you may have about insurance, such as:

  • What’s appropriate insurance for my health club or fitness studio?
  • Does studio size matter?
  • What really needs to be covered?
  • Do you offer specialized programs?

What do we consider a health or fitness club?

  • Boutique clubs, personal training studios, and personal training groups
  • Pilates, yoga, and spin studios
  • 24/7 key access clubs
  • Franchise operations (including Anytime Fitness)
  • And many others

We can also help you insure other on-premises operations such as:

  • Nutritionists, chiropractors, and physical therapists
  • Snack and juice bars
  • Classes like spin, Pilates, cardio, and yoga

Markel Specialty also offers resources to help you build out loss control and risk management.

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Why you need insurance for your health club

Running a health club or fitness studio is not an easy business. That’s why it takes a special person like you to do it. Not only do you need to make a profit, but you have to keep the safety and well-being of your members at the forefront of every minute.

For instance, if you have a catastrophic claim like a fire, can your current insurance policy cover your expenses while you are closed? If an employee is accused of abusing a member, will your insurance company help to defend you in court?

Fitness and health club insurance from Markel Specialty can help protect you and your business while allowing you to expand your business by covering new areas of growth such as adding spin classes. Whatever your business plans, Markel Specialty can offer flexible coverage you need to help keep your health and fitness club protected.

What coverages are available for health clubs?

General liability
Commercial general liability insurance covers you if you are sued by someone who claims that you caused their physical injury or damaged their property. Limits up to $1 million/$3 million available.

Excess liability
Excess liability insurance provides additional insurance protection that takes effect after you’ve gone above the limits of your general liability insurance. We offer limits per occurrence is $2M and the limits aggregate is $4M.

Coverage structure
Markel Specialty can provide your club or studio with the type of general coverage that works best for you including:

Abuse and molestation
Abuse coverage will cover monetary judgement against your covered health club.

Covers employee dishonesty and theft of monies and securities.

Employment practices liability
Insurance coverage for claims by health club employees (present, former, or potential) for wrongful termination, breach of contract, disciplinary issues, sexual harassment, failure to promote, mismanagement of benefit plans, and much more. This policy covers your legal counsel and court costs whether you win or lose.

General liability
Protects your health club against unforeseen claims and lawsuits.

Non-owned and hired auto
Protects autos, vans, and trucks that you borrow or hire to operate your business.

Professional liability
If a member is injured while an employee is supervising the member and the employee is sued for negligence, professional liability will take effect.

Umbrella/excess liability
Protects you beyond the normal liability limits of your insurance policies and covers you for a higher amount against unpredictable risks.

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Background checks, training materials, and education available at negotiated rates.
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