Why you need insurance for your health club

Your health club is a unique business. That's why you need unique insurance coverage.

Running a health club or fitness studio is not an easy business. That’s why it takes a special person like you to do it.

Not only do you need to make a profit, but you have to keep the safety and well-being of your members at the forefront of every minute.

For instance, if you have a catastrophic claim like a fire, can your insurance help cover your expenses while you are closed? If an employee is accused of abusing a member, will your insurance company help to defend you in court?

Fitness and health club insurance from Markel Specialty can help protect you and your business while allowing you to expand your business by covering new areas of growth such as adding spin classes.

Whatever your business plans, Markel Specialty has your back with the affordable, flexible coverage you need to keep your health and fitness club protected.

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