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Markel Specialty's horse club and associate insurance for protection from third party lawsuits. Things can happen - whether to club members, participants, property, or spectators.

Our insurance is a great choice because it provides the coverage you need for:

  • Your club’s leased or owned premises
  • Special events
  • Your club’s various functions such as shows, clinics, and trail rides
horse savings
Members of horse associations are eligible for a 10% association credit.

You need horse club insurance simply because your club can be brought into a claim. 

At any club function or event, if someone gets hurt or property is damaged, your club is responsible and may be sued.

In our litigious society, it really doesn’t matter who is “at fault”. If it happened at your event, your club could be held liable. That’s why you need insurance for your horse club.

Comprehensive, affordable insurance coverage for your horse club is here at Markel Specialty.

A regular insurance policy is inadequate for the needs of your horse club. You need coverage that encompasses events, property, members, spectators, and volunteers. That’s why Markel Specialty's horse club Insurance is ideal for you.

Our success in developing effective solutions for horse owners has proven critical to the achievement of mission goals for other associations.
Frequently asked questions about property and liability insurance.
Loss control
Markel Specialty is committed to providing the tools you need to help you keep safety first.
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  • Very eager to help in a timely manner

    "I have been a sport horse specialist since 1999. The staff is gracious, educated in horsemanship, and very eager to help in a timely manner."

    Beth V. | Markel Specialty agent | January, 2018

  • Attentive and prompt service

    "I like Markel, because, I'm able to speak directly to my underwriter with questions and to purchase the best policy for my needs. I had one animal claim and Markel paid them promptly. All good!"

    Jill D. | Horse insurance customer | July, 2017

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