Why you need insurance for your horse club and association

Your members will be glad you got Markel Specialty horse club insurance.

Be prepared for a claim or lawsuit against your club with Markel Specialty horse club insurance.

Here are just two examples of claims we paid out for insured clubs:

  • At one of our insured’s championship show, the ring master was hanging the winning garland around the winning horse’s head. The horse spooked, reared up, and threw the rider off.
  • A horse was scared by something while on our insured club’s premises. The horse backed up and caused severe damage to someone’s car.
  • You never know what might happen. That’s why your club should have good,insurance coverage written just for the needs of the club.

Markel Specialty horse club insurance has the protection you want, including:

  • All club members are protected if a suit arises from a club activity
  • Limits of $300,000 to $1 million available
  • Spectator liability included 
  • Volunteers included as additional insureds 
  • A farm package can be written for clubs owning property
  • General liability aggregate (total) limits are 3 times the liability per occurrence limit

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