Markel Specialty's horse farm and ranch insurance provides the coverage you essentially need.

A horse farm or ranch needs specialized insurance protection for both horses and property.

What makes Markel Specialty’s horse farm and ranch coverage different? If your horses are part of your business, we have expertise in creating a customized insurance solution to cover your farm property along with your commercial equine operation. This is a necessary insurance coverage for any horse-related business. And Markel Specialty has over 50 years of experience writing specialized equine insurance.

Markel Specialty's insurance policy includes:

horse savings
Members of horse associations are eligible for a 10% association credit.
  • Property insurance covering your home and contents, barns, sheds, owned machinery, equipment, tack and livestock.
  • Liability insurance to cover your home and your horse operation, on and off premises

By choosing Markel Specialty’s horse farm and ranch insurance, you get the protection you need for both horse-related liability and for your farm and ranch.

Protect yourself, your property, and your assets with Markel Specialty horse farm and ranch insurance.

You know horses are capable of damaging property and injuring people. You must have insurance protection against those kinds of liability claims. But you also need to protect your home, your stables, your equipment, and even your personal valuables. That’s why Markel Specialty’s horse farm and ranch insurance is the complete solution.

People with good horse sense like Markel Specialty horse farm and ranch insurance.

Once you compare our horse farm and ranch coverages, you’ll see it took some people who know horses and farms to come up with our specialized coverage. We’ll provide equine liability and medical payments, along with property coverage for your home, stables, equipment, and your valuables and more—all in one packaged policy.

Our success in developing effective solutions for horse owners has proven critical to the achievement of mission goals for other associations.
Loss control
Markel Specialty is committed to providing the tools you need to help you keep safety first.
Frequently asked questions about property and liability insurance.
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  • Markel is the gold standard

    "Markel is the gold standard for horse insurance."

    Lucy K. | Horse and farm insurance customer | October, 2017

  • Superior claims service

    "Your customer care is outstanding. Your employees are above most any in the world we live in today. Tragedy struck us several years ago when we lost a horse in barn fire. It was on a Sunday and our account rep answered the phone to a very emotional client and walked me through the process as to what to do next. There were 42 horses lost that cold day, and very few had insurance. The process and your care was so superior, I would never go anywhere else."

    Julie A. | Horse and farm insurance customer | March, 2018

  • Employees who care about horses

    "I never had to file a claim before, and fortunately your horse claims specialist was very kind and patient in walking me through the process (she even checked in on my daughter's pony through the process!). What a difference it makes to work with someone who is a true horse lover vs. just an agent who treats sad situations like this as another day at the office. I can't tell you how much that meant to us during this difficult time."

    Andrea R. | Horse and farm insurance customer | April, 2017

  • Outstanding customer service

    "It's not often you find a company who holds customer satisfaction and actual results high, and you have never missed on that mission. If more companies would structure themselves after not only the product but the customer service you provide, we would live in a much more efficient, happy environment. Thank you all, every single one of you, for your services, your ethics, and allowing your consumers to thrive."

    Chip B. | Horse and farm insurance customer | June, 2017

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