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Our online application will guide you step by step through the insurance process, and provide you with a quick quote to get your horse(s) covered. When your insurance quote is presented, you can select a payment plan and purchase insurance immediately by selecting “Buy Now,” or the quote will be automatically emailed to you with a link to accept and purchase your insurance when convenient.



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Supplemental mortality forms

The application is in PDF format, therefore, Adobe Reader is required to complete and submit the application online. Most browsers have their own PDF viewer, you may have to download, save, and then open in Adobe Reader for the online fillable field and submit button functionality to work.

Should you have difficulty printing or opening our forms online, please save the form to your desktop (select "Save As" or "Save Link As" by right clicking on the hyperlink to the desired form) and then open and complete the form locally using Adobe Acrobat.

Contact Markel Specialty directly at +1.800.842.5017 should you have any horse insurance coverage or eligibility questions, or issues with the application.

*Horses not eligible for mortality insurance coverage at this time include:
  • Horses are eligible for full mortality through 18 years of age – Specified perils coverage is available for horses 19 through 25 years of age.
  • Horses currently in transit (on a trailer being transported) – insurance can be purchased before being transported, or once they reach their final destination.
  • Horses within 30 days of foaling, or that have foaled out within the past 30 days.
  • Race horses and race breeding stock.
  • Horses that have been nerved.
  • Horses that are HYPP positive or N/H with known episodes.

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