Corporate partnerships

With our vast knowledge of horses and our complete and affordable coverages, it’s no wonder customers tend to remain with us for years. Our success in developing effective solutions for horse owners has proven critical to the achievement of mission goals for other associations.



American Paint Horse Association

The American Paint Horse Association is to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of American Paint Horses, and to stimulate and regulate all matters pertaining to the promotion, history, breeding and exhibition of this breed. APHA serves both the breed and our members by being aware of he industry and market, and of the needs, opportunities and challenges of our members.
American Quarter Horse Association

The American Quarter Horse established a bold reputation as the greatest cattle roundup and trail driving horse in history and would never be forgotten by early American racing enthusiasts. To ensure the unique qualities of this breed did not perish, a group of American Quarter Horse enthusiasts met in 1940 in Ft. Worth, Texas to establish what was to become the largest equine breed registry in the world, the American Quarter Horse Association. Located in Amarillo, Texas, AQHA has registered more than 5 million American Quarter Horses and serves more than 350,000 worldwide members. AQHA functions as the official record keeping and governing body of the American Quarter Horse industry. AQHA records all American Quarter Horse ownership, processes approved show and race results, catalogs performance and produce data on all American Quarter Horses, maintains association funds and publicizes the American Quarter Horse industry.

Arabhorse Farm Tours
The Arabian Horse Network, better known by its web name,, extends a special invitation to the public to enjoy their Arabian Farm Tour: five exciting days of Arabian horse industry festivities over an extended New Year's weekend. These open barns and special presentations are a prelude to Scottsdale's world renowned Arizona Arabian Horse Association's February Show. serves the industry both nationally and internationally with internet marketing solutions and creative promotions for the breed and the lifestyle associated with owning Arabians.  Scottsdale is home to many of the Arabian industry's most prestigious farms and training facilities. Horse buyers travel from all corners of the globe to purchase horses here. Area residents and out-of-town visitors alike are invited to enjoy this unique facet of Scottsdale living during the long holiday weekend. Each day features special open farm events and the public is welcome to attend one or every event at no charge. Participating farms enjoy a well-deserved reputation for throwing great parties and are ready to share their passion for the Arabian horse with their guests. Those interested in Arabian horses have an array of opportunities to visit farms, see and touch the beautiful horses, and get acquainted with many of Scottsdale's most prominent members of the Arabian horse industry. "This is a great entertainment opportunity for people who have visiting friends and family," says Bailey. Farms on the tour stage open barns complete with refreshments or perhaps a wine tasting along with an informal showing of horses and a lot of fun and camaraderie.

Arabian Horsemens Distress Fund

The Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund was established in January of 2005. From unimaginable barn fires, to catastrophic accidents, to health crisis that impaired ability to meet expenses and care for family members and animals, the fund has become a vehicle that is up and ready to respond immediately when unexpected calamity strikes. Governed by a board of five industry-involved horse people, the fund’s guidelines are configured so as to award the board the maximum ability to respond to a variety of circumstances. Application for assistance is eligible to any current member of the Arabian Horse Association in good standing, and all applications are kept confidential unless an individual releases the board to outreach to the community on their behalf. As of November, 2010, the fund has disbursed over $350,000 to individuals throughout the Arabian horse community, and virtually all of the money donated is earmarked to directly help our community horsemen during times of crisis.
 ARHA   Arabian Reining Horse Association
The Arabian Reining Horse Association (ARHA)was founded in 1998 to promote the natural athletic abilities and versatility of the Arabians and Half Arabian horses. Through the efforts of amateur competitor Robb Walther of Sherwood, Oregon and one of the founders of the ARHA, the group became affiliated with the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) in its infancy. The NRHA's highly acclaimed judging format for events that include technical and stylistic elements coupled with considerable difficulty elevated the standards of competition and proved a solid platform for growth.
Blenheim Equisports

Blenheim EquiSports, an equestrian event management company based in San Juan Capistrano, CA, produces over thirty events per year in three locations: San Juan Capistrano, Del Mar and Las Vegas, NV. The events include USEF "A" or "AA" rated hunter-jumper shows featuring a Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping North American League Qualifying Grand Prix, several USHJA International High Performance Hunter Challenges, Pony Finals, Medal Finals and more.
Brumley Management Events

For over a decade, Brumley Management Group has been producing exciting reining events in premier locations for contestants, owners, equine enthusiasts, and spectators alike. Participants and visitors from all over the world, including Canada, Mexico, Italy and Germany, have attended the shows, enjoying the sport of reining offered on all levels. Over the years, these events have grown to draw more participants than ever, with an average annual increase of 37%, and payouts nearing $1,000,000 annually!
Cornerstone Event Management

Cornerstone Event Management is the organizer of California's premier international dressage competitions. Prize lists and additional show information is available via their website,, as well as regular updates posted on Facebook.


usef young horse
Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Program

The Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Program promotes the importance of selective breeding and correct training of horses in the United States, and encourages participation of breeders, athletes, and trainers of young horses in dressage competition. The purposes of this program are to encourage the properly structured development of young dressage prospects through the training scale; to identify and recognize outstanding talent and the training of international - caliber horses; and to prepare these horses for future careers at the FEI level and participation on U.S. High Performance teams.
National Reined Cow Horse Association

The National Reined Cow Horse Association was formed in 1949, with the goal of preserving and educating the public about the rich history of this traditional horsemanship. The NRCHA is responsible for promoting the sport and ensuring high standards of competition. The organization was originally called the California Reined Cow Horse Association. Despite the name change, the association has continued to celebrate the early California traditions of highly-trained working cow horses and today, 64 years after its creation, continues to work to keep the vaquero tradition alive in today’s equine industry.
NRHA logo
National Reining Horse Association

Founded in 1966, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the reining horse. It serves as the standard setting body for the sport of Reining worldwide.
Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International

Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.), a federally-registered 501(c3) nonprofit, was formed in 1969 as the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association to promote equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) for individuals with special needs. With more than 4,500 certified instructors and equine specialists and more than 850 member centers around the globe, more than 7,600 PATH Intl. members help 58,300 children and adults--including more than 3,310 veterans and active-duty military personnel--with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges find strength and independence through the power of the horse each year. In addition to therapeutic riding, centers offer a number of therapeutic equine-related activities, including hippotherapy, equine-facilitated mental health, driving, interactive vaulting, competition, ground work and stable management.
Pyramid Society

The Pyramid Society is an international breeders' organization dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation, and promotion of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse as the premiere source of classic Arabian type in the world.
 Track one  
Track One Events

Track One Events has built a show management business since 1993, focusing on equine events of various breeds and disciplines. Poncie and Larry Gimple have been part of the equine industry in various ways throughout both their lives. Larry's horsemanship skills and knowledge stem from a second generation horse training family.
 ushja tcp  
USHJA Trainer Certification Program

The USHJA Trainer Certification Program was developed to preserve the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System by offering a comprehensive educational program based on that system and providing increasing levels of certification for professional horse trainers. Participation in the TCP, while voluntary, is encouraged for the ongoing professional support it provides. Becoming a Certified Trainer confirms a commitment to continuing one’s professional development, which leads to an ever-increasing group of well-rounded and knowledgeable horsemen.

Other equine sponsorships and resources


American Riding Instructors Association

ARIA is a national association for horseback riding instructors, whose purpose is to promote excellence in the profession of horseback riding instruction, based on the principles of Safety, Knowledge, and Integrity, with the health, happiness, and well-being of students and horses being of primary concern. ARIA does this by publishing educational and informative articles in its quarterly magazine, Riding Instructor, its monthly digital publication, ARIA E-News, and by offering nationally-recognized instructor certification testing through its American Riding Instructor Certification Program.
Buckeye Reining Series

The Buckeye Reining Series has been created by a dedicated group of individuals to bring excitement back to the reining world east of the Mississippi. The birth place of reining, Ohio, is where it all started with great horsemen like Dale Wilkinson and Bill Horn. We honor them by building on the traditions of the NRHA and embracing change and innovation through industry growth. The BRS founders are a diverse, experienced group of trainers, owners and non pros with a tremendous passion for the promotion of this sport and the spirit of competition. Our purpose is to provide quality horse shows, offering something to every level of rider, whether starting in the entry level, running for a title, or having an open horse ready for a sanctioned event. The BRS will host a series of shows that includes great incentives, prizes in all divisions, low retainage fees, a futurity, a derby, AQHA Ranch Riding, year end awards, exhibitor parties and so much more. Our goal is to bring exceptional reining shows back to Ohio that are enjoyed by all.
Certified Horsemanship Association

To promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the entire horse industry. This is accomplished by certifying instructors, accrediting equine facilities, producing educational conferences and publishing educational resources such as horsemanship manuals, DVDs, safety video shorts, webinars, a monthly radio show, weekly blog, posters and much more.  Certified Horsemanship Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit association. Your donations are tax deductible. - See more at:
To promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the entire horse industry. This is accomplished by certifying instructors, accrediting equine facilities, producing educational conferences and publishing educational resources such as horsemanship manuals, DVDs, safety video shorts, webinars, a monthly radio show, weekly blog, posters and much more. Certified Horsemanship Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit association.
 lex childrens museum
Explorium of Lexington

In 1987, a group of inspired citizens presented the idea of a children’s museum to Lexington Mayor Scotty Baesler and future Mayor Pam Miller. With the assistance of Lord Cultural Resources, a consulting firm in Toronto, the city began serious planning for the Lexington Children’s Museum. The site selection committee considered several sites and chose the current location in Victorian Square. Since first opening its doors in 1990 the Museum has hosted over a million visitors. Renamed Explorium of Lexington in 2005, the facility is a success with both children and adults. Explorium focusing on enhancing growth and increasing awareness in the community of this great family learning environment.
 jockey club  
Jockey Club

The Jockey Club received a certificate of incorporation from the State of New York on February 9, 1894, but the real genesis of the organization took place two months earlier when eight “patrons of the turf” convened in New York City. The eight racing leaders, chaired by James R. Keene, aimed to create an association that would ensure order instead of the growing chaos of racing. They adopted a resolution that read, in part, that the purpose of the organization would be “not only to encourage the development of the thoroughbred horse, but to establish racing on such a footing that it may command the interests as well as the confidence and favorable opinion of the public.”
Pinto Horse Association of America

The Pinto horse originated in Spain and was introduced to North America by Spanish and other European explorers. The Spanish explorers brought over Barb horses that had been crossed with other European breeds including Russian and Arabian strains, which are thought to give the horses their color patterns. When the Spanish herds were brought to North America, these horses mixed with the wild horses and were later domesticated by the Native Americans. Later, when the West was being tamed, the pioneers had to cross their refined European horses with the wild herds to develop a stockier and heavier muscled horse that would be more suited to the rugged and arduous conditions. Often referred to as piebald or skewbald horses in literature about the Wild West, the Pinto horse was a favorite among American cowboys and Native Americans. Many famous Pintos include Tonto’s Scout, Little Joe’s Cochise and Frank Hopkins’ Hidalgo. The Pinto Horse Association started from a grassroots movement to selectively breed horses for good color and conformation. Several horsemen in the 1930s formed the Pinto Horse Society with the purpose of breeding superior colored horses. The registry they created is the basis of what is now known as the Pinto Horse Association of America Inc. It took several years and several more organizations to form today’s PtHA. Tired of the discrimination Pintos received in the show ring, Kay Heikens, Helen Hammond and other Pinto lovers decided to start a new organization and registry. The determined group finalized their hard work on May 18, 1956, in New Jersey when the PtHA was incorporated.
Scottsdale show
Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

Since 1955 the Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show has set the pace in the Arabian horse world. The first show was held at the grounds of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel which was a beautiful setting for a horse show. The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show was a first class show from the very first day. It has grown from 50 horses to nearly 2400 horses bringing top owners, trainers and breeders from around the world competing for a chance at winning. A win at Scottsdale can mean big money in the breeding barns.
United States Equestrian Federation

Equestrian competitors, leisure riders, coaches, fans and enthusiasts each share a personal bond with the horse. This commonality defines the membership of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) which serves as the National Governing Body for Equestrian Sport. The USEF is dedicated to uniting the equestrian community, honoring achievement, and serving as guardians of equestrian sport. Since its inception in 1917, the Federation has been dedicated to pursuing excellence and promoting growth, all while providing and maintaining a safe and level playing field for both its equine and human athletes.
 va horse center  
Virginia Horse Center

The mission of the Virginia Horse Center Foundation is to make available a world-class facility to attract local, national and international competitions and sales of all breeds and disciplines of show horses, establish and maintain a professional and safe environment for the use of scheduled users of the Virginia Horse Center, develop a schedule of events which will expand and benefit the many facets of the state horse industry, and which will provide recreational, educational and demonstrational opportunities for all people living and traveling in Virginia. They provide professional services to all user groups, ensuring a quality time of competition and recreation and preserve the Virginia Horse Center as a unique open space asset to the greatest extent practical and consistent with the purposes of the Center.
va hunter champs
Virginia Hunter Championship

A program designed to encourage and reward hunter competition at horse shows held in Virginia.
 va tb assoc  
Virginia Thoroughbred Association

The Virginia Thoroughbred Association (VTA) was organized in 1941 to cultivate the development of the Commonwealth’s heritage as a producer of quality Thoroughbred horses. Today, more than 65 years later, the VTA presently boasts a membership base of about 300 members. A service organization whose main goal is to assist members and to promote the Virginia Thoroughbred industry. With the passage in Virginia of pari-mutuel racing legislation in 1988 and the opening of Colonial Downs in 1997, we have vastly expanded the scope of our operations.
Washington International Horse Show

The Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) is the leading metropolitan indoor equestrian event in the U.S. Celebrating its 57th year in 2015, this championship event brings top horses and riders from around the nation and the world to the nation's capital each October, and is a highlight on the international equestrian calendar. WIHS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC, is proud to support and partner with local, national and military charities. Since its inception in 1958, WIHS has provided a showcase for the finest horses from many breeds and disciplines, including Nations Cup international show jumping, hunt teams, side saddle, and Saddlebred, Quarter Horse, Morgan and other breed divisions, and driving, dressage, barrel racing and lots more.