Horse mortality

Which mortality policy is right for you? 
Both our hassle free and standard all risk mortality and theft policies feature the same great coverage. Most horses will qualify for our hassle free policy. No vet certificate required on horses valued up to $50,000*.

Hassle free mortality
Choose if your horse: 
  • is between 91 days and 15 years of age
  • has an insured value not exceeding $50,000* (per horse) 
  • is not a race horse, Tennessee Walker, Racking, Miniature Horse, Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Draft, Halter Show Horses or Halter Breeding Stock  

Purchase horse mortality now (using your credit card) 

Standard all risk mortality and theft  
If the hassle free mortality program does not apply to your horse, our standard all risk mortality and theft policy provides the same coverage at an affordable price. 

Coverage highlights
  • Affordable premiums 
  • Agreed value settlement (except racehorses) 
  • 90 day extension clause 
  • Guaranteed renewal coverage added at no additional charge (except racehorses) 
  • 24-hour claims service 
  • Credit card payment or installment plans available

Racing industry risks
Click here to learn more about our coverages for Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, and Quarter Horses reared, trained, and bred for racing.