How to apply for insurance with Markel

Horse and farm

Markel believes in choices and we seek to differentiate ourselves from competitors with our expertise, service, continuity and other value-based considerations. Our expertise and knowledge, coupled with the long-term relationships and commitments to the horse industry, allow us to remain close to the customer and fulfill specialized insurance needs.

Please select one of the following options to get started:

I am a customer, looking for insurance, and would like to work with an exclusive horse insurance specialist.  We have a network of 30 exclusive horse insurance agents with a lifetime of horse experience in specific breeds and/or disciplines backed up by a team Markel associates solely focused on horse and farm. Their mission is to assist and educate horse and farm owners about the importance of insurance while actively participating or volunteering as judges, instructors, competitors, show managers, breeders, trainers, etc.

I am a customer, looking for insurance, and would like to work directly with a Markel underwriter. At Markel Direct, most of our account specialists were horse owners long before they became involved in the insurance industry.  The advantage to you is our folks have the same love for horses that you do, having never lost touch with the individual horse and farm owner’s needs and objectives. 

I am an agent interested in placing horse and farm business with Markel. Markel specializes in providing insurance products for a variety of niche markets. Working with retail agents across the United States, our experienced underwriters know the risks your clients face and can craft coverage to meet their unique needs.