Markel and United States Hunter Jumper Association

Markel is pleased to partner with USHJA as the sponsor of the Trainer Certification Program.
The four cornerstones of the USHJA Trainer Certification Program are shared by Markel.

Horsemanship: Markel encourages sound horsemanship practices both for safety and success with horses and riders.

Integrity: For over fifty years, Markel has taken pride in the integrity of our people, our insurance, and above all our service to our customers. Markel is a leader in the horse insurance industry, and pioneered many of the equine coverages available today. Many of our employees were horse owners long before they became involved in the insurance industry. They know first-hand the passion shared by horse owners. They are true "horse people" who represent the commitment that makes the Markel difference.

Education: Markel recognizes that education is a crucial component for success in any endeavor or field, and we are always ready to support educational activities.

Tradition: Licensed to do business throughout the United States. Markel has a long, established tradition as one of the most sound, financially stable insurance companies.

Professional members of the USHJA will realize these four cornerstones as they work with Markel on their insurance needs and to make sure they have appropriate protection provided by one of the best insurance companies in America.

The Trainer Certification Program assists equine professionals to define and develop their role within the hunter/jumper industry by providing continuing education and a forum for long-term professional development with recognition of merit. Professionals in the industry each have unique skill sets as well as goals and objectives and becoming a certified trainer allows for this individualism within a set of standards and ideals.

The Trainer Certification Program strengthens the hunter/jumper discipline in a variety of ways by making accessible:

  • A comprehensive educational program based on the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System
  • Recommended teaching and training goals and methods
  • Demonstrating widely based knowledge of the hunter/jumper sport, including stable management, horsemanship practices, safety, flatwork, jumping, professional conduct and client relationships
  • Providing reputable and reliable resource base for riding students
  • Certified trainers enjoy the following benefits:
    • Developing and improving teaching skills that incorporate the principles of the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System
    • Opportunities for interaction and exchange of ideas with other certified trainers and mentors from all levels
    • Increased credibility, professionalism and visibility to current and potential clients
    • Inclusion in the USHJA certified trainers directory and publications
    • Eligibility for insurance premium discounts