Property and liability
frequently asked questions

Doesn't my homeowner's policy protect me against any losses that might be caused by my horse?

Probably not. Many homeowner policies have at least one of three exclusions which could affect a horse owner. First, there may be an exclusion for claims which occur off your premises. If you take your horse to a show off premises and and he injures someone, that claim could be denied because the accident didn't happen on your property.

The second general exclusion involves business pursuits. One insurance company recently rejected a claim because the horse involved had won a $25 horse show prize. According to the insurance company, the horse was involved in business pursuits.

The third exclusion is that some homeowner's policies flatly exclude any claims caused by horses or cattle.

Click here to learn more about our Private Horse Owner Liability policy.

I board horses and give riding lessons. What kind of coverage do I need?

Even if you have other liability coverage that protects you for general liability exposures, you may not be adequately covered. Learn more about our Commercial Equine Liability policy coverages.

I care for other people's horses. What are my risks and liabilities?

Many people in your situation are underinsured and unaware of the level of protection they need. Learn more about our Care, Custody and Control coverage that can be added to your Horse Farm package or Commercial Equine Liability policy.

I own a horse farm and need to protect my home, my buildings and cover my liability exposures. What can I do?

You might consider an all-in-one package that covers you completely. Our Horse Farm package can provide complete coverage including property insurance to cover your home and contents, barns, sheds, owned machinery, equipment, tack and livestock. Liability insurance is also included in our package to cover your home and horse operation, on and off premises.

Our farm hosts horse shows and other horse-related events. What's the most economical way to get equine insurance--with the best possible coverage?

It's important to choose a policy that takes into consideration every possible liability. Learn more about our Commercial Equine Liability policy coverages.

What if my horse kicks someone or causes property damage?

You would need a Private Horse Owner Liability policy that protects you against legal claims, whether an incident occurs on or off your property.

What is the difference between an insurance agent and an insurance company?

The nature of the equine insurance industry has changed dramatically in the past few years, and it is critical that consumers understand the differences in policies. They should also know the company - the insurer - who is protecting them.

An insurance agent must be authorized by an insurer to solicit insurance and depending on the authority granted by the insurer, may negotiate and bind insurance coverage. The insurer underwrites and binds insurance coverage for an insured in order to indemnify their losses and provide them benefits subject to all the terms of the insurance policy.