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Stallion and mare coverages

Stallion infertility due to accident, sickness or disease
This endorsement provides coverage should your stallion become totally and permanently impotent, infertile or incapable of serving mares due to an illness or injury. Unlike other companies, Markel allows you to retain your horse should we pay a claim. Written documentation confirming the horse has been castrated/gelded, and/or breed registration papers/certification and related documents, are required. This coverage will give you the right to not only retain ownership but return your horse to competition if you wish. A current satisfactory veterinary certificate is always required when purchasing this coverage with reference to the stallions genitalia being satisfactory for breeding, and an additional premium will be payable.

Stallion first season infertility
Covers the stallion in his first year at stud against being congenitally infertile or sub-fertile at a level of 60% or below.

Stallion availability
Covers the stallion in the event he is unable to cover the nominated mare due to death, theft, temporary or permanent disability or due to movement restrictions following outbreak of a disease.

Prospective foal coverage
This endorsement covers failure of the prospective foal to be born alive or death of the prospective foal after its birth but prior to the expiration date of coverage. This coverage can only attach at a minimum of 42 days after last service by the stallion; a manual veterinary examination is required on the mare to confirm in foal status and sound health of mare, and ultrasound results must be provided (taken between 30-60 days after last service) providing no evidence of twins.

NOTE: Actual coverages are subject to various terms, conditions and exclusions. Full copies of wordings can be provided upon request.