Whether you specialize in hunting or fishing, you need insurance coverage

Let Markel Specialty help you protect your business.

As a hunting and/or fishing lodge owner, your business depends on making sure your guests have a good time while also staying safe. That’s where Markel Specialty’s insurance for hunting and fishing lodges can help.

Markel Specialty offers a wide range of coverages designed just for hunting and fishing lodges, including:

  • Big game and turkey hunting lodge
  • Clay target and other range facilities
  • Fly fishing and other types of guided fishing
  • Wing shooting (upland bird and waterfowl)
  • Southern sporting plantations

Why do I need insurance for my hunting and fishing lodge?

Your lodge is special. You have guest visitors, special events, transportation equipment, and much more. With that kind of lineup, you need the right insurance protection.

Here are some actual claims we’ve paid out to our customers*:

  • An insured ATV was struck by lighting and burned to a crisp.
  • Tools and equipment were stolen from one of our client’s hunting lodge.
  • While running errands for our client’s hunting lodge, a lodge vehicle backed into a 3rd party’s vehicle in the parking lot.

Don't wait until you file a claim to find out if you have the proper insurance protection for your hunting or fishing lodge. Get a free quote today.

*These examples are provided for illustrative purposes only. Any claim submitted under the policy would be evaluated on its own merits and facts compared to the terms of the policy.

What can insurance for hunting and fishing lodges cover?

Markel Specialty's insurance for hunting and fishing lodges covers all the items you may need for your business.

General liability
  • Commercial general liability available limits: $300k/$900k; $500k/$1.5m; $1m/$3m*
  • Includes full or limited premises, equine liability, professional liability, personal liability, liquor liability
  • $100,000 fire legal liability
  • $5,000 medical payments
  • Advertising and personal injury liability included
  • Commercial general liability enhancement available to increase limits and provide additional coverages
  • Commercial property insurance coverage forms available are basic, broad, and special
  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Business interruption
  • Cast & Shoot, Pro Guide, Custom Hospitality, and Elite Hospitality enhancements available to increase limits and provide additional coverages
    • Includes coverages such as: accounts receivable, business income with extra expense, consequential damage, contractual penalties, debris removal, electronic data processing, fine arts, inventory and appraisals, newly acquired buildings and business personal property, ordinance or law, pollutant clean up, valuable papers, water back-up from sewer drain, spoilage.
  • Systems breakdown

Inland marine
Covers customers personal property and equipment.

  • Employee dishonesty, robbery, and burglary
  • Included in the outdoor enhancements, with the ability to increase limits

Commercial excess/umbrella liability
Limits up to $5 million

Optional coverages
  • Commercial auto
  • Property of others
  • Homeowners coverages and personal liability for owner-occupied main dwellings or lodges used as a primary residence

*Per occurrence is the maximum amount paid on a covered individual claim; aggregate is the maximum amount paid on all covered claims combined within the policy period.
Note: we are unable to provide coverage for trail ride exposures, snowmobile and ATV rentals, or retail operations in this program.

Loss control
Markel Specialty is committed to providing the tools you need to help you keep safety first.

Get the protection and peace of mind you deserve.

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