In-home child care insurance coverages

Markel Specialty in-home daycare insurance means the right insurance coverage for you and your business.

General liability
Get bodily injury and property damage liability coverage for your in-home child care business with us. Commercial general liability limits up to $1 million per occurrence / $3 million aggregate. (Aggregate is the maximum amount Markel Specialty will pay for all covered claims combined per policy term.)

Abuse and molestation
If a case of abuse and molestation is found to be true as a result of your in-home child care, our coverage will step in and cover monetary judgment against your business—maximum of $100,000 per occurrence / $300,000 aggregate.

Legal defense protection included
Your coverage will also include legal defense services in the event you are sued by the injured party.

Accident medical
Accident medical insurance will pay children’s medical bills if they are injured in your care, or if their bills exceed what their parent’s medical/health insurance pays.

With Markel Specialty you get more!

Affordable premiums with financing options
Our flexible payment options and our affordable premiums can work with most budgets, and still allow you to get the most out of your policy.

Variety of limits available
Whether you’re caring for 1 child or 18 children, we provide different coverage limits to meet your needs.

Coverage is written on an occurrence basis
Even if a claim is reported after your policy expires, you still have coverage if that claim occurred during the policy period.

Free additional insured
Landlords or resource and referral agencies can be added at no additional cost

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