Directors and officers insurance

Full coverage D&O (Side A, B, C)

Protects you in your capacity as:

  • Partner
  • Director
  • Principal
  • Trustee
  • Manager
  • Officer
  • In-house general counsel
  • In-house chief compliance officer

Coverage for suits from

  • Competitors
  • Government entities
  • Regulators
  • Investors

Additional protection

Regulatory Investigation Expense includes:

  • Attorney fees, attorney costs and court costs if the insured becomes involved in an investigation or regulatory proceeding commenced by the filing of a notice of charges, formal investigative order or subpoena.

Subpoena expense includes:

  • The retention of an attorney to prepare an insured for giving sworn testimony;providing an insured with advice regarding the production of documents;  and/or representing an insured at the hearing.