Markel’s investment advisors product philosophy is a simple one. 

Insurance is a good faith contract. If you are straightforward, honest, and upfront in how you represent yourself and your practice to us...and if we agree to underwrite you as a risk, then we have a duty to protect you as outlined in our policy.

We believe service is an important aspect of our coverage. If you have a question, we owe you an answer ... and not just a quick one...but a thorough one. 

We will do our best to process your initial application and renewal application within three weeks. 

Within 48 hours of the request to issue coverage by your insurance broker, we will issue your policy. 

All claims are reported directly to Markel by the policyholder. We use independent law firms and we appoint the defense counsel from our office. 

We provide a newsletter to our policyholders that highlights loss prevention recommendations. Additional loss prevention recommendations are available by calling 800-691-1515.

* Markel can write coverage for any broker that has surplus lines license.