Why you need insurance for your janitorial business

You have probably spent more than one sleepless night thinking about the many ways your business could get sued for damaging property or causing an injury. Plus you have the worries about your own property and vehicles, including your property that is stored in someone else's office or building. It’s not hard to imagine something going wrong.

That’s why you need Markel Specialty’s janitorial services insurance. Your Markel Specialty policy is not “cookie-cutter” business insurance. It is specifically written for janitorial companies by people with experience working with others in your field. Together with you, they can design a policy that is uniquely suited to your business needs.

By going with our insurance for janitorial services you will also get:

  • A professional claims team that, when an accident occurs, handles your claim promptly.
  • A loss prevention team that offers services specific to your industry to help reduce claims.
  • Payment options to meet every budget.

Protect your business and your assets. Get a janitorial services insurance policy from Markel Specialty. And sleep better at night.

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